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I am a third-grad undergraduate student at the School of EECS, PKU, advised by Prof. Yixin Zhu. I am also honored to conduct research under the guidance of Congyue Deng at Stanford.

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I'm interested in 3D Vision, Robotics, Dexterous Manipulation and Cognitaive Science. My ambition extends beyond the conventional: I seek to unravel the underlying principles of human perception and intelligence. My goal is to empower robots with the ability to see, think, and act with a human-like depth and subtlety.

SparseDFF: Sparse-View Feature Distillation for One-Shot Dexterous Manipulation
Qianxu Wang, Haotong Zhang, Congyue Deng โ€ , Yang You, Hao Dong, Yixin Zhu โ€ , Leonidas Guibasโ€ (โ€ corresponding authors)
International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), 2024, Accepted
Project Page / ArXiv / Code

Learning a Universal Human Prior for Dexterous Manipulation from Human Preference
Zihan Ding, Yuanpei Chen, Allen Z. Ren, Shixiang Shane Gu, Qianxu Wang, Hao Dong, Chi Jin
Arxiv / Project Page / Provide Your Preference / Code (Coming soon)
RSS Workshop on Learning Dexterous Manipulation, 2023, Accepted

ImageManip: Image-based Robotic Manipulation with Affordance-Guided Next View Selection
Xiaoqi Li*, Yanzi Wang*, Yan Shen, Haoran Lu, Qianxu Wang, Ponomarenko Iaroslav, Boshi An, Jiaming Liu, Hao Dong
Arxiv / Project Page
Arxiv, 2023


Peking University, China
2021.09 - Present

Undergraduate Student
Advisor: Prof. Yixin Zhu


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